Psychotherapy offers the opportunity to do something that few of us experience in our everyday lives: the chance to not only face our fears and figure out what makes us tick, but to do so with the help of a trained professional who will not judge us in the way that we judge ourselves. Life's challenges have a way of making us feel that we are dealing with them all alone, that no one else has faced this kind of crisis before, and that help is either impossible or embarrassing to access.

I work with individual adults and adolescents to help them discover the causes of their suffering, to recognize how their patterns of reaction to stressors are impacting their struggle, and to develop and practice tools for dealing with adversity in effective ways.



Relationships can bring up complicated thoughts and feelings, and at times it feels hard (or unsafe) to express ourselves. I can help you understand why you are feeling the ways you are, and give you tools to more effectively communicate your wants and needs with others. Being able to set and hold healthy boundaries improves all relationships, and it is a learned skill.



Men face unique challenges today, wanting to show the strength which our society expects of us while still addressing our at times unmet (or even un-noticed) emotional needs. I make it safe for men to feel and talk about their feelings, as well as helping them move towards more healthy and productive patterns of interacting with others.

Life Transitions


Whether you are dealing with major milestones in relationships, career, health, or life as a whole, we all face situations where the tools we relied on in the past no longer serve us well. Let's work together to find new and improved ways to navigate the unfamiliar waters you're wading through.